RLUNAGRAPHICS | A Richard Luna Presentation

My name is Richard Luna. I'm an artist born and raised in San Diego California. I have a passion for many types of art medias. My father is an artist who inspired me at a very young age. My parents and teachers saw my potential and pushed me to strive harder.

richard lunaMostly self-taught, I did attend college courses in Painting, Drawing, Life Drawing, Graphic Design, 3D animation, and Art History. The art subjects I enjoy are Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cartoon and Futuristic. I work with acrylic, oils, watercolor, clay sculptures, scale modeling and the digital domain. I specialize in Storyboarding and Conceptual Designs. Also work in digital art , 3d modeling, sound and audio, videography, photography and graphic design.

My motto: Inspire, Design, Create.


Richard Luna

Artist Engineer :)